Biophotonic glass- the power of nature is preserved

Biophotonic violet glass is a type of glass that is designed to protect and preserve the quality of products stored inside it. It is made using a special type of violet-colored glass that filters out harmful rays of light while allowing beneficial violet and ultraviolet light to pass through.

Biophotonic violet glass packaging is an innovative and efficient way to store natural products and their benefits include:

💎 Light Protection: Biophotonic violet glass blocks out harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, which can degrade the quality and potency of stored products. By preventing light from entering the container, it helps to maintain the integrity and freshness of the contents.

💎 Extended Shelf Life: The light-filtering properties of biophotonic violet glass can help to extend the shelf life of various products. It helps to slow down the process of oxidation and degradation, keeping the ingredients in a more stable and active state for longer, without artificial and harmful additives.

💎 Increased Potency: Violet and ultraviolet light have been found to have beneficial properties for certain substances, such as essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural remedies. Biophotonic violet glass allows these beneficial light wavelengths to pass through, potentially enhancing the potency and effectiveness of the stored products.

💎 Protection from Visible Light: In addition to blocking out UV rays, biophotonic violet glass also filters out a significant portion of visible light. This can be beneficial for light-sensitive products that can be easily degraded by exposure to light.

💎 Eco-Friendly: Biophotonic violet glass is often considered more environmentally friendly compared to other types of packaging materials. It is reusable, recyclable, and can help reduce the need for additional preservatives or additives to maintain product quality.

Overall, biophotonic violet glass can help preserve the quality, potency, and shelf life of various natural products, making it an excellent choice for storing items such as essential oils, herbal extracts, cosmetics, and food supplements.

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